Children of Uganda going to school together for a better future.


Children are the future. Also in Uganda. But they have to go to school. Because a good education provides better opportunities for an independent life. The Astrid Uganda Foundation therefore wants all children to be able to go to school. We believe in the power of the local community. That is why the Astrid Uganda Foundation supports promising initiatives that enhance self-reliance and entrepreneurship. Children can stay in their social environment longer and safely go to school.

The Astrid Uganda Foundation consiously chooses to work with local partners. They know their way around and speak the local language. They provide continuity and lasting results. Because sustainability defines all projects we initiate and / or support.

The Astrid Uganda Foundation unites ideas and parties in the Netherlands and Uganda. She creates public support for the schooling problems that Ugandan children are facing. The foundation supports children regardless of their religious, ethnic or social background.