The projects the Astrid Uganda Foundation invests in, all contribute to the education of children and young people.

Directly, by building and furnishing schools. Indirectly, by supporting the community the children live in. Because, like everywhere in the world, a better chance of an independent life starts with a good education.

Currently the Astrid Uganda Foundation is investing in one project, the ASOD project in Kampala.

Action to Support Orphans and Disadvantaged (ASOD)

Medical care and support, there where it is needed

asodThe finishing of the GVOS project in Bwera gave us space to start a new project. So we are now working together with met “Action to Support Orphans and Disadvantaged” (ASOD), a special organization about which we like to tell you more

The warm heart of ASOD

ASOD was established in 2004 by the Ugandan medicin John Tumwebaze, who grew up in a poor family in Western Uganda. Despite his background John was given the opportunity to study and become a doctor. Now he grants that same chance to other vulnerable youth. That’s why he begun ASOD: a place from which around 80 orphaned children and other vulnerable youth are supported in the field of education, health and social well being.

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