The Astrid Uganda Foundation is proud of the finished projects.


School officially opened on December 7th 2011!

Chairman Jaap Taal has opened the new Green Valley Orphanage Centre & School in Bwera. This surely was a very special moment in the existence of the Astrid Uganda Foundation, because the foundation came forth from Astrid's warm heart for the 450 children of this school. July 2010 was a first important milestone in the project. The official purchase of land in Bwera was the start of a new future for 450 vulnerable Ugandan children. An emotional beginning, because with that purchase Astrid Joosten's dream actually seemed to come true. 18 Months later, the solid Green Valley Orphanage School was a fact. The school offers a safe, clean environment for the children to grow, to play and to learn. A safe place to grow. Under the management of the passionate headmaster Nelson Tusiime and the driven project leader Fred Obala a magnificent result was erected in two years' time – new sanitary facilities, two blocks of eleven classrooms in total, a chicken farm and a micro credit system. Thanks to growing their own vegetables, corn and beans, the children have a healthier diet and they learn the tricks of the agricultural trade. And since the chicken they have purchased started laying their first eggs, it will provide a pleasant source of income next to the cosy cackling for Green Valley.

Rehabilitation and education child soldiers

The Astrid Uganda Foundation will start investing in a solid new project under the supervision of Fred Obala. We will report about this in detail.

Child soldier

Fred_Obala_facebookAs a child he himself escaped twice from the jungle and the clutches of Joseph Kony's Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA. With enormous will power and dedication he has built his life again. Fred Obala, the man who, through ICUganda, very successfully accompanied the project around the Green Valley Orphanage Centre & School for us. The man who is the founder and director of ARDI, an organization that takes care of former child soldiers, training and coaching them towards an ordinary life in Ugandan society. That is not easy. The Astrid Uganda Foundation will help him with that by supporting the project 'Youth war recovery vocational training en counselling'. Will you lend a hand, too?

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Becoming Farmers again

Logo_Uganda_Red_CrossIn the Kiryandongo district, the Astrid Uganda Foundation co-operates with the Ugandan Red Cross in the People Living with HIV / AIDS (PLWHA) project.

Too little food

In the Kiryandongo district far too little food is produced. At the same time the inhabitants of the region are heavily dependent on (revenues of) agriculture to meet their basic needs. Because of AIDS and war, a large part of the working population (men and women between 18 and 35) has died. So it is mostly young children and elderly people that have to work the land. But they simply have not enough knowlegde and work is just too hard, given the fact as well that most of them are infected with HIV. This results in far too little food in the country. With all its consequences.