Children of Uganda going to school together for a better future. That what the Astrid Uganda Foundation is all about. We support the initiatives of the communities where the children live. Their appalling conditions will improve and they can safely go to school. We invest in the construction and equipping of schools and quality education. Thus, many generations of Ugandans grow towards independence. They need your help.

Over 98% of every euro or dollar you donate, will be spent on projects in Uganda by the Astrid Uganda Foundation. In the Netherlands, the foundation works with only volunteers. In Uganda, we only work with professional partners based on clear conditions and principles.

Fred ObalaThe way of working of the Astrid Uganda Foundation is special. Fred Obala, former project manager for the Astrid Uganda Foundation on behalf ICUganda, says: 

"If more organizations would accept that Africans take the lead in implementing ideas that affect just them, then a lot of donor money have been spent more successful than it is now."

This is the biggest compliment the Astrid Uganda Foundation could get.
Your money is well spent. 

Will you help?

You can help in several ways: via Paypal (donate button), a payment directly to account number (IBAN: NL29RABO0147353009 - Swiftcode/BIC: RABONL2U), an authorization, one time or periodical transfer, bequest or testamentary disposition or by a notarial deed.

anbiIf your company or organization should want to contribute we can also offere several possibilities.

The Astrid Uganda Foundation has the ANBI status. Your donations are therefore, subject to some conditions, tax deductible. More information can be found at

On behalf of the children of Uganda, thanks a lot for your contribution.